Friday, February 27, 2009

Launching My Barque

I've long been overdue to launch a personal blog -- aside from a working blog! Now that I have sent little Violet off into the world

Violet Steals My Tools

there must be a place to record her -- and my -- adventures.

Now what does a corsair have to do with a sock monkey? You're right, matey, the usual gruff, brusque, and downright irritable corsairs don't have anything to do with sock monkeys. But you must remember, this is the happy corsair -- cruising for new plunder (yarn!), new battles (haha!), and really bad jokes (haha-haha!)!

Violet Perigee is in a box now wending her way to Northern Ireland. Soon, a wee sock monkey exchange student will be arriving to spend a month in her place, here at Port Weevil Rak You, to learn more about being a happy corsair. Ahoy!

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