Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dig Down Way Down Deep!

Niji Admires the Orchid

Caught admiring the completely fake orchid, Niji Saru asked if we could do some gardening. I said "Great idea!"

Made in the Spade

Niji Saru was ready to just dig it! Dig it! Everybody wants to dig! Just dig it! I said, "dance gardening this is not." Niji Saru said, "go with the flow!"

Anchors A'weigh!

This has been the driest winter on record in south Florida, so we were hauling around water to the most distressed plants.

Tomato Ladder? Monkey Ladder!

Then Niji Saru climbed the tomato ladder to supervise my harvesting of tomatoes and beet greens. She definitely had the better deal on that! Wise monkey!


  1. Ooooh, gardening season is in full swing in South Florida! Niji Saru is such a cute companion!!!

    Monkeys rule!!


  2. She probably could teach the plants some meditation techniques. :)

  3. Maybe I should take SisterMaryMonkeyPants out and ask her to bless my hedge roses? hmmmmmm....