Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gonna Wash That Dawg Outta My Hair!

Today was the day for much housekeeping and Niji Saru was not about to sit by, idly. No, these were more opportunities for mindfulness meditation and the compassion of sharing suffering. Borrowing a headrag from Wunderdawg, to absorb any stray sweat and protect Niji Saru from dust, we were off and cleaning!

First, the dishes. Having read in many places that washing dishes is a real mindfulness practice, Niji Saru joined her friend, the washtopus, Scrubby, and imitated that sacred pose of the Buddha of Dishes.
Buddha of Dishes

Then she worked on becoming one with the mop, so that by mopping in between the dust particles, there would be effortlessness.

Becoming One with the Mop

She especially enjoyed the quarterly oiling of the wood surfaces in the house.
Mmmmm! Lemons!

However, Sock Monkey Nature took over when we broke out the vacuum cleaner. Turns out, Niji Saru loves to ride the vacuum and hunt for Wunderdawg fur.
Wheee! Riding the Vacuum!

Recycling brings good karma. Niji Saru told me so.
Recycling Karma

After all that mindful work, we needed a restorative cuppa tea. Here, Niji Saru is with her favorite mug and lotus cushion.
A Restorative Cuppa

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